A week in Madeira

Steaks on a plane

Goodbye Madeira

Thunderstorms beckoned us at 9am the next morning. Looks like our plan of packing and chilling by the pool was shot. Post-breakfast, post-packing and post-checkout, downstairs we sat with John and Jenni where they played knockout whist and rummy, the rain hammering down on the porch outside. This is the point where Sam realises she’s lost her shoes and runs around to the car rental place to find them, meanwhile the sun reappears, the skies clear and we’ve gone from winter to summer.

We shared lunch with John and Jenni at Chalet Vicente, once again portions were huge, my barbecued steak skewer large enough to put in a doggy bag and keep for the plane. All very tasty, as to be expected. With a couple of hours to go, we relaxed by the pool, making the most of the sun before our coach transfer home.

Then it was time to go, we said our goodbyes and we were whisked away. On the plane we had the tastiest in-flight meal you could dream of; steak and sausage sandwiches in fresh bread, our duty free Madeira wine sat beneath us. Big Momma’s House 3 played on the screens and I snapped away with the DSLR.

Soon it was all over, the holiday ended, the Madeira experience complete. I doubt we’ll ever go back, we’ve so many more places to explore.