Sozopol, Bulgaria

Seaside pedalos and Neptun restaurant

Part two and it is now Thursday - the day of Sam’s atrocious bad luck. From the sun that came out as we went in, the rain that fell during beach time, the cakes that looked delicious and tasted terrible and the 18:00 boat tour that left without us. At about 14:00 we realised everything we would attempt to do would somehow go wrong (even the game of Pool did!), furthermore we narrowed it down to choices Sam had made. She is now lying next to me recovering from a bad dose of Shellfish. So here is my chance to fill you in.

Seaside pedalos

On Tuesday things were once again blistering hot and beautiful; so as all good British folk would do, we went to the beach again - for the day. Walking in the sea here you are incredibly close to the wildlife (unlike in Britain). Around us we saw jumping fish and sea creatures alike. To round off our sun tanning beach trip we took a ride on a Pedalo for the lowly price of 6lv (£2) per hour. Cycling out of the bay gave us some great views of the coast, including the old Sozopol town-wall and overhanging restaurantation. It also convinced us that taking the slide on the back of the pedalo and swimming in the sea was not the best idea as we encountered a number of jellyfish - both large creamy white and small and clear species.

The suns warmth did not hasten and suffice to say we are both now a golden brown - even Sam who has never tanned before in her life. For an early dinner we chose to eat at the ‘breme’ pectopaht at the tip of the town looking out over the bay - the views were great however the food not so. Our seafood salad, bacon and cheese skewers, grilled veg’, button mushrooms, "chicken delight" and chocolate pancake tasted prepared and manufactured - entirely horrid and the only saving point was the below average 27lv price.


Wednesday saw the weather turn for the worse, so the beach was out. This was the day of little shopping trips - liqueurs, wines, chocolate, wooden sculptures, postcards and the GREAT WOODEN SNAKE! For lunch we stopped at a tavern looking place with the word "Mexhana" over the door, there we ate a selection of cold and seasoned salami meats with chips whilst accompanied by two charming cats - two of the many that inhabit Sozopol.

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Neptun restaurant

For dinner we chose our restaurant well - we did not want to waste another evening eating terrible food. This time we ate at " Neptun", another old establishment along the Morski-Skali road overlooking the black sea.

For starters I had a vegetable risotto and Sam had mussels in garlic, for mains Sam ate the pork kebapches (like sausages) whilst I opted for the recommended "grilled belted bonito" fish. And thus the fish came, it was whole - complete, head tail and all, but most of all it was absolutely delicious. My meal was larger than Sam’s so she ordered an extra shrimp shish kebab. For dessert we had fig pancake (freshly made this time) and a nougat ice cream - I ended up eating both. All of this and a bottle of domaine boyar wine cost us 42lv (not 72lv as we misread). For me personally it was the best of the meals so far - it was a gamble that had finally paid off, considering I was particularly wary of the concept of giving someone a whole fish to work through.


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