A week on Vulcano, Sicily

Goodbye tranquil Aeolians

Home time

The return trek was without hitch, despite my worries. On the smooth Siremar hydrofoil we travelled to Milazzo, with enough time for a quick coffee break in the “CD Bar” cafe. Then onwards in a cramped minibus to Catania airport and all of its EasyJet queues. Queues for baggage, queues for passport control, queues to get on the plane that hasn’t finished refuelling, and so on, anything but easy. The airport was disorganised too, and I accidentally strolled through the security gate with a wad of change in my pocket, without so much as a beep. On the plane we had fresh bread and cheese, leftovers from Friday, and once more we enjoyed a decent high altitude meal (not quite as good as our doggy-bagged steak when coming home from Madeira).

England welcomed us home with its first prolonged heat wave since 2006, the Lions won the Australian tour, and Andy Murray won wimbledon.

What a stunning and relaxing holiday. Sublime wonderful views of Aeolian islands combined with the agreeable, cheerful and quite perfect Therasia hotel. It gave us the time-off we ever so needed. Five star recuperation by the sea, it does the trick.

Posing with the sunset for one final time
Posing with the sunset for one final time